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"I use my humor and experience to inspire and educate others while coaching with integrity."

-Jen Josey


My first passion in life was teaching middle school music.  I did this for 16 years until I woke up one day and realized I hated children.  (Come on now, I'm joking...kinda.)  I wanted out so desperately that I chose an equally abusive industry and became a health insurance agent.  I quickly climbed the corporate ladder for the next 5 years only to find I was halfway up the wrong ladder. 

Forty(ish) and unhappy in my work life, I knew I needed a change.

In April of 2017, my husband, Vance, and I took a leap of faith and began Jolific Homes, our real estate investment business.  We had amazing coaches along the way.  I was able to quit Corporate America by the end of that year.  My husband and I then created Jolific Properties as we built our rental portfolio.  In 2020, we opened our own brokerage, The Acorn Agency which is an investor-friendly agency for realtors.  Most recently, we created Jolific Construction, after Vance earned his general contractor's license.

I met amazing people throughout my journey with specific talents who taught me how to improve certain aspects of our businesses.  As my knowledge from experiences grew, I found my passion reignite when I too, shared my talents.  I wanted to create a platform where investors could share these superpowers within a network, sprinkled with a little bit of accountability, thus building confidence and credibility.  I still have MUCH to learn so I created REIGN: Real Estate Investor Growth Network.  It's a Virtual Mastermind with an interactive format because one person is never as smart as all the people in the room...or Zoom our case.

My Story
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Have you always wanted to start flipping houses or grow passive income through rental properties?

Join HomeSchooled by Tarek to receive one-on-one coaching with Jen. The program also includes group coaching calls with Tarek, himself! 

Click the button below to set up a call with our enrollment team! Be sure to tell them Jen Josey sent you!

Live Your Life Purpose:

To discover your life purpose, think of all the times in your life that brought you the most joy. Jen will walk you through how to create a life purpose statement that will be a concise and constant reminder of where to aim your focus.

Set Lofty Goals:

Are you specific about what you want in life? Mastering My Mindset will list 8 specific areas for you to dream BIG! You can't get from where you are to where you want to be if you don't know what's waiting for you!

Believe It's Possible:

Eliminate those little voices in your head that tell you it's not possible to achieve your dreams. Jen will show you how to deconstruct those limiting beliefs and open the door to your future successes!

Join author, Jen Josey, as she

Masters Her Mindset and inspires

YOU to do the same!


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